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Fixed telephony

We can provide a secure fixed landline connection at your location from €10 per month per simultaneous call (by SIP channel).

Define number of simultaneous calls

How do you calculate the volume of simultaneous calls – and therefore the number of SIP channels – your organisation needs? Our experience teaches us that the best way is to take the number of fixed telephony users in your company and divide that number by 3. That way, you make sure that you're not buying too many SIP channels, but not too few either, so that no one is left without telephony… as it should be!

A telephone switchboard on ISDN (digital lines)

If your switchboard isn't ready to be replaced yet but is still ISDN-based, VoIP or SIP technology won't work.

In this situation, we’ll provide your telephony via ISDN technology and insert a transformer between our WAN and your LAN. That way, you can still have telephony until you're ready to take the step to the cloud.

Mobile telephony

Put the mobile telephony for your business together on the basis of the type of users in your organisation.

At Destiny, we offer 4 mobile telephony bundles:

Mobile bundles



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