Torfs: on a strong footing thanks to Dstny’s Cloud

Torfs is a family business which has been providing Belgian families with shoes since 1948. The company is well known for its excellent customer service, which isn't only delivered by the staff in its retail stores. A high level of digitalisation - which Torfs has favoured for years now – contributes to the personalised service which they offer today.

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Two employees who drive these digital projects forward are Raf De Leu and Tim De Jonge, IT Operations Manager and Team Lead Infrastructure with Torfs. One of their tasks is to provide their colleagues with flexible telephony solutions which lead to the flexible customer service that Torfs offers today.

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The digital challenges

Torfs’ IT team is constantly engaged in innovation to respond to changes in the market and to provide ever better digital service to its customers. With the innovative nature, Torfs' old telephone switchboard was no longer in line. “Four years ago, we worked with an on-premise telephone switchboard which cost us a lot of time and money. Every time we wanted to connect a new device, we incurred costs for hardware and licenses.

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What's more, we had to wait for weeks until the installation was carried out. Given that we could use all the time we had for innovative projects, I didn't want my team to be losing their focus because of this any more,” says Raf De Leu. “I’d already had experience in my last job with the cloud-based telephone exchange, SmartMobile Plus by Dstny. I was really enthusiastic about it. So that's how we got into discussions with Dstny,” Tim De Jonge adds.

Our solutions

“We were ready to go on 6 December: St Nicholas brought us a new telephony solution : SmartMobile Plus,” says Tim De Jonge. “It was very easy for me as well. I was working in Spain at the time, and nobody could believe how relaxed and cheerful I looked while we were in the process of migrating to the cloud,” says Raf De Leu.

“It became obvious during the preparations how flexible Dstny’s cloud solution is. Our configuration requirements were pretty complex, but Dstny was only too happy to take on that challenge. In addition, the fact that we can easily execute configurations ourselves is very practical. That way, we can switch easily, and that’s one of our strengths,” says Tim De Jonge. “And the price tag is as clear as day. You pay 1 price per user and it includes everything: licenses, call minutes, literally everything,” adds Raf de Leu.

"Our Customer Service improved thanks to SmartMobile Plus, because the integration of fixed and mobile telephony allows our colleagues to be reached anytime, anywhere on their professional number. But it didn't stop there. Destiny also integrated Salesforce on the telephone exchange. And that's fantastic. Because whenever a customer calls, his file opens automatically with all the associated orders. So our colleagues in Customer Care know straight away who they have on the line and can give the caller focused support. This not only boosts our efficiency, but also leads to a highly personalized service to our customer,” says Raf De Leu.

“Thanks to Dstny's cloud-based solution, we had zero impact from Covid in terms of reachability. Virtually nothing changed for our colleagues. They were used to working from home and the telephony was perfectly designed for that as well,” Raf De Leu adds. “We even expanded the Customer Care team almost effortlessly by 15 colleagues remotely”.

Torfs say they chose Destiny for three reasons


Everything went according to plan during the roll-out, and the migration went very smoothly thanks to good preparation.


The Dstny Project Manager isn't afraid to think out of the box, and as a result, the solution meets our requirements.

Ease of use.

Even with a basic knowledge, you can easily execute configurations yourself. That allows us to respond quickly.