Groupe Macobo: La recherce d'économies de coûts est dans notre ADN financier

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Organic growth but especially a few acquisitions in 2018 made Macobo grow from a modest one-man business to a burgeoning company with over 100 employees. And that growth trajectory was quite a challenge for the finance team, which had to scrutinize both its own operations and the sometimes cumbersome acquisition operations. "Apart from a few quick wins, we were mainly aiming at digitalization to increase our efficiency," emphasizes CFO Steven Melis. And in that digitalization, Dstny also does its part. With Secure Cloud Telecom.

Read the portrait of Steven Melis - CFO of Macobo Group - in CFO Magazine and find out how they are tackling digital challenges within their Finance environment and the rest of the organization.


Or watch the video and discover more about the partnership between Macobo Group and Dstny. 

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