Registering as a customer

How you get access to the Destiny portal depends on how long you have been a customer.

Existing customer


You've been a Dstny customer for a while? Please note that, so as to guarantee the security of our customer details, we’ve only given the main contact at your company (for example: your IT manager or your general manager) full access to MyDstiny. He or she is your Portal Administrator.

Do you want to register yourself as well? If so, there are two options:

  • Check with your account manager or via who your Portal Administrator is. You can then ask that person yourself to grant you full or partial access. You can register after that.
  • Complete the registration form. We will pass your application on to your company's Portal Administrator. He will decide what access rights you will receive for the portal. Read more about the access rights here.


New customer

Are you a new Dstny customer? In that case, when you signed your contract you stated yourself who the Portal Administrator in your company was to be.

As soon as we deliver the contract, we also appoint the project manager for your project. Your brand-new Portal Administrator then gets an email with his or her login details.

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