Fixed telephony

Fixed telephony is still the basis for a lot of business communication. We provide secure, fixed-line telephony from €12 per month per call channel. You call fixed and mobile phone numbers in Belgium for free* and can keep your existing fixed phone numbers. Works on any telephone switchboard.
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SIP telephony or VoIP: the new fixed telephony for businesses

Where classic ISDN telephony still reigned supreme in recent decades, it has been giving way to SIP telephony (VoIP) for several years. Calls no longer run over a phone line, but via IP packets over your data network. Works with any telephone switchboard.

How many SIP channels (and how many simultaneous calls) do you need for your business? You can divide the number of fixed telephony users by three, but Dstny helps you identify and set this up more accurately.

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Lower costs

Making calls over SIP is cheaper, especially when it comes to international calls.

flexibel schaalbaar

Flexible and scalable

It’s very easy to modify your capacity if employees are added or leave. You never pay too much and only pay for what you need.

betrouwbaar veilig

Reliable and safe

Thanks to Dstny’s redundant high-quality network with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 24/7 monitoring.

Business Communications Platform

Fixed telephony and more via the Dstny Communication Platform

You don’t have an on-site physical telephone switchboard or you’d like to switch to the cloud with all its new, modern functionalities? Then our Business Communication Platform is the perfect solution for you!

With VoIP, you make calls over the internet via our cloud telephone switchboard (app, softphone and fixed or IP phones). Whether in the office or on the go, you are easy to reach whenever and wherever you want. 

Fixed telephony tailored
to your business?

Ask our team all your questions. We’re happy to look for a telephony solution that you and your employees can really make the most of.

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