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An efficient, high-performance and secure corporate network across multiple locations is crucial for an enterprise. You also want to be easy to reach, for your employees to work together optimally and to be able to offer customers the service they expect. Dstny supports you with a tailor-made solution.

Communication and secured connectivity tailored to your business

We support your business with a customised communication and connectivity solution so that you can easily and securely meet all digital challenges today and in the future.
And we do that in a unique and personal way, just as it should be!

Vrouw belt mobiel

Business communication

  • All-in platform for your business communication
  • Integrations with CRM and Microsoft Teams
  • Add-ons such as Analytics and AI Chatbot
  • Fixed and mobile telephony

Network and internet

  • An efficient and high-performance corporate network
  • Connect your offices smoothly and securely with SD-WAN
  • Fast and reliable fixed and mobile internet
  • Via VDSL or fibre optics/fibre with 4G backup


  • Secure your network and end users
  • Next-generation cloud firewall
  • Secure Mobile Workers for home and on the go
  • E-mail security: phishing, spam, malware, etc.
unified communication

Cloud infrastructure

  • Your data and apps in a private cloud environment
  • Secure access to public cloud (Azure, Amazon, etc.)
  • Your own server in our secure Tier3 data centre
  • No expensive investment and access to your data at any time

A modern, all-in platform for business communication

In the office or on the go, Dstny’s all-in Business Communication platform is easily operated from your mobile phone, PC/laptop or landline phone. You can make calls, chat and have all the functionalities of a telephone switchboard. 

The platform integrates seamlessly with our mobile and fixed telephony. Various add-ons, such as Analytics or an AI Chatbot, can also be integrated with your CRM or Microsoft Teams.

All-in communicatieplatform

Additional tools to strengthen your communication

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Dstny Analytics is an analysis and reporting platform that maps all your communication data and helps you make informed decisions for effective communication.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

With the right Customer Engagement tools, your employees can take customer service to the next level. Examples include a Call Centre solution, AI Chatbot or an all-in Customer Engagement Platform.

Business Integrations

Business Integrations

The Dstny communication platform integrates with popular tools and systems such as Microsoft Teams and well-known CRMs. All to operate efficiently and give customers the best possible service.

A high-performance corporate network and fast, reliable internet

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. And businesses’ needs are also changing, especially when it comes to their internet, corporate networks and connecting multiple locations. Bandwidth, app management and security are paramount.

SD-WAN connectiviteit

Connecting your offices quickly and securely with SD-WAN

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a software-based approach to managing the corporate network (WAN). Companies are using the cloud more and more, especially for SaaS applications (CRM, Office 365, HR software, etc.). But traditional WANs are no longer suitable for this purpose.

SD-WAN is a high-performance and secure network solution that simplifies your network management, offers lower operational costs and can be adapted to the needs and growth of any business. Business-critical applications are easily prioritised on the network.

Internet werknemers bedrijf

Fixed and mobile internet tailored to your business

The digital apps in your business environment stand or fall with your basic telecommunication, such as the internet. Do you have sufficient capacity or slightly too much? Do you need to change the bandwidth at regular intervals? Are there employees who often work remotely? We are happy to help you create the perfect basic structure.

With reliable and fast fixed internet via VDSL or fibre optics/fibre and 4G backup. For mobile internet, we offer several economical mobile bundles (telephony and data) tailored to your business. If you only need data, that can be arranged.


Today, cyberattacks come from every corner of the world. Companies need to arm themselves against cybercriminals who are getting smarter and more resourceful. That’s why we offer additional protections on top of the security layer of our connectivity and communication solutions. For your network and your end users: via their devices, the internet and their e-mails.

Cloud infra

Cloud infrastructure

As your business grows, so do your data and applications. But managing your data and apps should also be flexible. An on-site server is outdated. With a virtual server environment in the cloud, you avoid quite a few costs and risks. We provide a secure infrastructure so you can focus on your business’s digital apps.

The benefits for your business


Greater efficiency and productivity

Thanks to an integrated solution tailored to your business, you are always easy to reach on any device, have an efficient and high-performance network with the necessary security for your company and end users. Everything for good operations and the growth of your business.

flexibel schaalbaar

and affordable

Your needs evolve with the number of users and new applications. We believe that technology should be scalable, just like our prices. We adapt easily. That way, you don’t pay for capacity you don’t use. But if you need extra capacity in the future, you can enjoy it right away.


Customised and
24/7 support

Each innovative company has its own specific needs. Together, we investigate and determine which solution best suits your business - now and in the future. Our customer service experts will help you 24/7.



A solution tailored to your business?
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