About Dstny

Dstny was originally a Belgian company that grew into a European leader and innovator in business communication solutions. We offer SMEs and large companies a modern all-in communication platform for telephony, chat and video, as well as advanced connectivity and security solutions. We aim to make business communication as easy as possible for employees and customers today and tomorrow.
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Getting SMEs and large companies to communicate and collaborate smoothly

More than 3 million business users in Europe already use our tools to communicate, collaborate and provide excellent customer service. These are mobile-first, easy to use and easy to integrate with your existing tools and systems (CRM, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

In Belgium, we offer secured connectivity solutions in addition to business communication. Together, they are the perfect mix for your business’s smooth running and growth. More than 6,000 Belgian companies are already convinced by our personalised approach, where we listen to your needs and challenges.

Our ICORE values as a driving force

We are growing fast but sustainably and healthily. In our organisation, we strive for a balance between people, processes and systems while sticking to our ICORE values: 



We innovate to stay ahead. Our focus is always on the future.



We are 100% committed to our customers and partners.

CX Obsession

Obsession for CX

Customer experience and customer satisfaction are central to our commitment.



We respect the pace, values and talents of each individual.



We encourage those around us so they can be the best they can be

Where it began

Dstny was founded in 2008 by brothers Samuel and Daan De Wever. From a small attic office, their company grew into a leading Belgian player in the cloud telecoms market. Samuel is the technological brain, and Daan is the entrepreneur.

Daan studied economics at KU Leuven and complemented that with some management training, but he is a headstrong, self-made entrepreneur first and foremost. Before founding Dstny, he and his brother had already co-founded network services company Benesol, and Daan was in charge of a start-up specialising in 3D engineering and modelling.

Daan & Samuel De Wever

Where do we stand now?

Dstny is currently a leading European provider of cloud-based business communication. We supply companies directly and indirectly through partners and service providers.

Headquartered in Brussels, Dstny has 1000 employees in 7 European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, UK) and a €250 million annual turnover. We owe our rapid growth in part to the energetic acquisition path we have been on since 2015. That year, Dstny also won the Most Promising Enterprise of the Year title.

Together, we improve your organisation’s communication and connectivity.


20K +

Happy customers


3M +



1,000 +





Cloud Security

150K +

Users of cloud security

We are committed to a sustainable future

When discussing business communication of today and tomorrow, we often emphasise tomorrow. If you want to create communication solutions for the future, you better ensure there’s a future to communicate in. We’re diligent in everything we do, including taking care of tomorrow.

That’s why we think carefully when making choices that affect the world around us. Travelling less, choosing eco-friendly products, donating to the right causes, and considering the ecological aspect when designing our solutions are some of the ways we do our bit.


A great place to work. Perhaps it’s your Dstny?

Corporate culture must also be sustainable. A sustainable culture leads to employees thriving, developing and steering the company in the right direction.

Our corporate culture is based on friendliness, inspiration and innovation. We value personal development and give our employees the opportunity to shape their own roles and work situations. We are proud of our corporate culture and strive to make it even better!

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