SD-WAN: the network solution to connect your offices

Security and network specialists are massively pushing SD-WAN as the solution to connect the network of different offices. SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network or, in other words, a software-based approach to managing the corporate network (WAN).
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The networking challenges
faced by businesses

The traditional wide area network (WAN) connected users in the branch office to applications hosted on servers in the data centre.

Companies are using the cloud more and more, especially for SaaS applications (CRM, Office 365, HR software, etc.). But traditional WANs are not designed for the explosion of WAN traffic that this brings. A high degree of network security, flexibility and reliability can no longer be guaranteed.

SD-WAN: the corporate network for today and tomorrow

SD-WAN is designed to meet these challenges. It’s a high-performance and secure network solution that simplifies your network management, offers lower operational costs and can be adapted to the needs and growth of any business. 

You can quickly scale up and down in bandwidth and easily add and close locations. Your migration to new cloud applications will also be smoother. It’s also easy to give business-critical applications, such as a payment system, priority on the network.


The benefits for your business


Flexible, high-performance network

Upgrading, downgrading... everything is possible, and connection quality is guaranteed. Applications are prioritised and controlled via intelligent routing.

Applications that demand a high bandwidth are automatically prioritised. Maximum availability and distribution are achieved with 2 internet lines at each location and 2 VPN tunnels between locations.

Management portal

Simple, central management

An SD-WAN can be managed through one central, user-friendly management portal, making the implementation of WAN services at the branch level quick and easy.

The portal gives you an overview of your network and the performance of your apps. This gives you insight into the outgoing connections from each location (router delay, packet loss, capacity per application, etc.).

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Efficient security

An SD-WAN solution filters and controls all internal traffic with a single security policy applicable to all network branches.

Our SD-WAN solution is equipped with a next-generation firewall, including anti-malware, web filtering and intrusion prevention. We provide the configuration and support.

What makes Dstny the ideal partner for your networking needs?

The demand for SD-WAN usually stems from two needs: a connectivity need (easier management, lower costs, a better user experience and better performance) and a security need (data protection). Dstny has accumulated years of expertise in both areas and is also a Cisco Premier Certified Partner. We have a long-standing partnership with Cisco for our networking and security solutions, and our managed SD-WAN solution uses Cisco Meraki technology.

This makes Dstny a unique partner for your SD-WAN. We provide the implementation and configuration of SD-WAN routing for all SD-WAN equipment, the proactive management of incidents (24/7), the operational maintenance of equipment (such as updates) and the configuration of the next-generation firewall with associated support.


Your business deserves
a customised SD-WAN too.

SD-WAN adequately addresses today’s IT challenges and provides redundant internet and network access. Moreover, you enjoy simple, centralised management that gives you a clear overview of your network and the performance of your apps.

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