A modern, all-in platform for business communication

As a company, it is important that you can be reached easily whenever and wherever you want, that your employees can work together smoothly and that you can offer customers the service they expect from you. With Dstny's Business Communications Platform, you have the winning combination.
All-in communicatieplatform

Easy to reach, wherever and whenever you want

In the office, at home or on the go? Dstny’s all-in communication platform is easy to use anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone, PC/laptop or landline phone. You can make calls, chat and have all the functionalities of a telephone switchboard. 

The Business Communication Platform integrates seamlessly with Dstny’s mobile and fixed phone services. Calls to your fixed phone number are answered on any device thanks to FMC, while the convenient user application lets you choose how, where and when you can be reached.

Man phonecall
Women mobile coffee

Convenient user application and online management portal

Using the convenient user application on their smartphone or computer, your employees can change their status (available, online, in a meeting, on holiday, etc.) and decide how to be reached. For example, during a meeting, they can be automatically routed to voicemail or a colleague.

As an employer, you manage things like users and call flows via the management portal and assign licences (for telephony and the call centre) according to the user’s specific needs. This helps you optimise your costs!

Analytics and integrations for greater efficiency

Dstny’s business communications platform can be enhanced with Business Analytics that map all your communications data and help you make informed decisions for effective communications. The platform also integrates seamlessly with other popular tools and systems, such as Microsoft Teams and major CRMs.

Dstny Analytics

Dstny Analytics

  • Analysis and reporting tool that maps your communication data
  • Data-driven decisions for more efficient communication and services
  • Reports, dashboards, visualisations, and connectors such as Power BI and Qlik
CRM Connect

CRM Integration

  • We integrate with the best in their fields: Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.
  • Valuable information about the customer even before the call is answered
  • Helps your employees provide exceptional service to your customers
Teams Connect

Microsoft Teams Connect

  • Perfect combination of our cloud communication with Teams
  • Make and receive external calls via Dstny in Teams, IVR and FMC
  • Synchronise your availability status between Teams and the Dstny platform

Benefits for your business


Greater efficiency and productivity

Your employees can work together more easily and serve your customers better from anywhere.


Higher customer satisfaction

The right communications solution means better service and optimal accessibility for your customers.

minder kosten

Lower costs

No expensive investments, just a clear monthly fee that is easily adjustable via a self-service portal.

Business communication tailored to your business? Contact us or use our configurator.

With our configurator, you build your ideal package in a few clicks and will immediately receive a price estimate. By choosing only the features that really help your employees get ahead, you never pay a euro too much. Would you prefer to get in touch right away and go over everything together? That can be arranged!

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