Cybersecurity: protect your entire business environment

Nowadays, cyberattacks come from every corner of the world. Companies need to arm themselves against cybercriminals who are getting smarter and more resourceful. That’s why we offer additional protections on top of the security layer of our connectivity and communication solutions. For your network and your end users: via their devices, internet and e-mails.

Security for your network
and end users

Adequate security of your corporate network is crucial, but don’t forget your employees’ access points. The biggest attacks on end users occur via their e-mails, devices and while surfing. And if your employees are also handling company data outside the physical business environment, cyber security becomes even more complex.

Outsmart hackers and malware. Discover our wide range of security solutions or request your free security audit.

Network security

Network security should be an essential part of any IT strategy. Firewalls act as barriers between the internet and the external network.  Ensure the protection of access points like laptops, tablets and smartphones, which are used by employees when working from home or on the go.


Cloud Firewalls

  • For multiple sites and managed in the cloud
  • Choice of standard and next-generation firewall
  • Traditional security, such as access management, for your employees
  • Advanced protection (including sandboxing and blocking of malware and websites/apps)

Smartguard Firewall

  • For a single business location and managed in the cloud
  • Dstny-managed next-generation firewall based on Cisco Meraki technology
  • Prevention of network attacks, blocking of malware and websites
  • Web application filtering, IP geolocation and blocking
  • Insight into your network traffic and co-management options
Cloud firewall

Dstny SASE

  • Protect your employees, at the office, at home or on the go and across all devices
  • A single policy to filter and control Internet Access, SaaS access (ex:Office365) and corporate network remote access (VPN).
  • A single policy that can be enforced on company network, roaming devices and cloud servers.
  • Strong integration with Dstny SDWAN and Dstny Smartguard.
  • Insight into your internet traffic
  • A co-managed service: you stay in control!

E-mail security

More than 90% of sophisticated cyberattacks arrive via e-mail.
From phishing, spam and malware to ransomware and identity fraud: defend yourself against all attacks and stay one step ahead of threats!

cloud Security

E-mail Safeguard

  • Blocks known malware and sends spam to the quarantine box
  • Protects against e-mails that impersonate a user or e-mail domain of your enterprise
  • Data security: set actions based on certain e-mail conditions.
  • E-mail encryption: TLS encryption and based on policy rules
Email Security

E-mail Threat Isolation

  • Voorkomt ransomware en andere geavanceerde aanvalllen
  • Opent verdachte links en bijlagen in een veilige, geïsoleerde omgeving
  • Beschermt je gegevens tegen diefstal (phishing) dankzij read-only modus
Cloud Security

Advanced Threat Protection

  • Blocks the most complex targeted threats via sandboxing and URL protection
  • API data feed for integrations and powerful reporting
  • Responds to incidents faster with automatic blacklisting
  • Awareness training for your users

Protect your brand
and your customers

Implement the e-mail verification protocols SPF, DMARC and DKIM. This makes it harder for cybercriminals to misuse your branded domain names in fraudulent e-mail attacks on your company, business partners, customers or other recipients. The improved reputation of your brand and domain names will also greatly benefit the delivery of your e-mails. 


Benefits for your business


Cloud Security

Protect all points of entry

By adding extra layers of security, you enjoy optimal protection of your network, data, devices and thus your image.

flexibel schaalbaar

Flexible depending on the needs

Only pay for what you need. Our cloud solutions are easy to customise according to the number of users and your business needs.


Simply carefree

Your security is in safe hands and fully managed in the cloud. Our platforms are constantly aware of the latest threats. This way, you are protected 24/7.

Protect your organisation optimally against cyberattacks.

Feel free to ask our team your questions. Our experts are there for you and will gladly guide your company to optimal security.

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