Mobile telephony: reachable anytime, anywhere

Besides a strong mobile network, with the latest addition of 5G capabilities, you have the flexibility to put together a cost-efficient mobile plan tailored to your employees. You also easily adjust it yourself via a convenient online portal.
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Dstny mobile

Cost-efficient and reliable
telephony, wherever you are

With our clear mobile phone and data bundles, you choose a formula that perfectly suits your needs and those of your employees. Moreover, colleagues make free calls within their own working environment. Switching to Dstny Mobile is fully automatic and your phone numbers are retained.

The benefits for your business

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Tailored to you and your colleagues

To deliver their best work, your employees need a mobile plan that fits their needs perfectly.

That’s why you can combine different plans and complement them with additional options. Enjoy hassle-free activation while retaining your mobile phone numbers.

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Easy to be reached anytime, anywhere

These days, your employees work everywhere. Thanks to Dstny’s reliable network, they can be reached anytime, anywhere.

You can also expand your bundle with the ‘Calling international’ option, which allows you to make cost-efficient calls to foreign countries.

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Flexible management via MyDstny

With the online management portal MyDstny, you can easily add, modify and cancel things yourself.

That way, you keep control over the consumption of data and call minutes and don’t have to call on our services every time, even though we’re there for you 24/7.

Choose the mobile plan
tailored to your business

Depending on what your company and your employees need, choose the plan that works best for you. You can base your choice on call minutes, text messages, mobile data and the region in which you can use it.

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Mobile Plus


200 min of calls within Belgium*
Unlimited text messages within Belgium

€13 per user

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Mobile Extra


Unlimited calls within Belgium*
Unlimited text messages within Belgium

€23 per user

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Mobile Ultra


Unlimited calls within Belgium*
Unlimited text messages within Belgium

€33 per user

mobile europe

Mobile Europe


Unlimited calls within EU+*
Unlimited text messages within EU+

€48 per user

mobile world

Mobile World

All the benefits of Europe plus in the US, Canada and a range of best destinations (from Australia to New Zealand):


2000 min of calls
2000 text messages

€63 per user

calling international

+ International calling

Optional bundle with 500min to international fixed and mobile destinations (EU, EU+, Canada & US) excluding special numbers such as 070, 090x, 1307, ...

€10 per user


*Read the conditions for normal use in the context of an unlimited offer in the Fair Use Policy. The "unlimited calls" only apply to normal fixed and mobile national destinations, thus excluding special numbers and international destinations. Specific conditions apply to the mobile subscriptions regarding calling minutes, data and SMS.

Integrate mobile telephony with your business phone number? Certainly!

Want to use your fixed phone number from work on your mobile phone to make and receive calls? Or do your employees desire a better separation between their work and private lives? Then choose fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). It lets you choose where and when you can be reached.

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Mobile telephony tailored
to your business?

Ask our team all your questions. They will work with you to find the plan that you and your employees can get the most out of.

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