Managed WiFi for your business and visitors

For companies that want to provide user-friendly Wi-Fi access to their employees and visitors without the inconvenience of maintenance.
  • Do you want to offer an easy to use wifi guest access?
  • Do you want to quickly extend your wifi infrastructure to cover new offices/meeting rooms?
  • Do you want to maximize the experience of users using voice or video conferencing over the wifi network?

Elevate your connectivity

Introducing Dstny's Managed WiFi solution

Our Managed Wi-Fi solution uses Cisco Meraki access points, specifically designed to maximise the user experience: optimising the quality of apps (such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom) or easily setting up Wi-Fi guest accounts.

It’s also a co-managed service: your IT administrators can delegate most Wi-Fi maintenance tasks to the Dstny team, but can also make urgent changes themselves.


High performance, ensuring collaborative tools work seamlessly for a high number of simultaneous users. WiFi 6 compliant.


Strong encryption and threats detection. Secured for internal users, guests, Bring your own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IOT).


Customer engagement

Easy guest WiFi access and management. Our WiFi infrastructure natively embeds a guest access management system based on “sponsorship”.

de beste klantenervaring

Dstny takes care of full WiFi configuration (SSIDs, security, quality of service, guest WIFI). Regular backups, updates and 24h/7d hardware and software incidents coverage.

The mechanics of our Managed WiFi solution.

A Cloud managed solution

All WIFI access points are managed from a console located in the cloud (the Meraki dashboard). It offers a consolidated view of the whole infrastructure and a central point to enforce the global configuration. Deploying new APs is childishly simple: it is just about connecting them to the network. They will automatically join the Dashboard and retrieve their configuration. Our service is always "co-managed", meaning our customers can also access to the Cloud management system and carry out their own operations.

WiFi Cloud Managed
WiFi performance

High performance and air cleaning

All access points (APs) are WIFI6 compatible and can support a high number of simultaneous WIFI clients. All APs have a dedicated antenna to scan the air and detect and automatically mitigate radio interference and attacks. The Cloud coordinates APs to balance clients on the WIFI infrastructures.

User experience

It is quite common having WIFI users complaining about a fluctuating performance: video conferencing is playing up, file upload is slow etc. With the usage generalization of WIFI, this technology can't be considered anymore as a complement of the cabled network. For both network types, user experience must be the same. That's why we pay particular attention to the coverage study and the Quality of Service policy. We equally share the bandwidth among users and allocate accurate resources to sensitive applications.

WiFi User Experience
WiFi Security


During the design phase, we guide our customers to enforce the strongest WIFI authentication and encryption schemes. We always isolate IOTs and unprotected WIFI devices (smartTVs,printers etc.. Even for the guest WIFI, for which security is often neglected, we propose an intuitive and friendly mechanism to generate temporary accounts.

Brochure WiFi

Discover how we can provide you with a user-friendly WiFi access for your employees and visitors without the inconvenience of maintenance.

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