Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC)

You have a business phone number and want to use it to make and receive calls on all your devices? Or do your employees want to separate work and private conversations better? In both cases, our Business Communication Platform with fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) offers the solution.
man mobiele telefoon onderweg
man mobile cafe

Always reachable with one business phone number

From your smartphone or landline device to your computer: you can use your fixed phone number to make and receive calls on any device. 

This way, you only need to communicate one phone number, and you choose where and when you can be reached. For example, you can have automatic forwarding to voicemail or to a colleague when you’re in a meeting or on a call.

Fixed-mobile convergence: a case study

Insurance agent Carl’s business card shows only his business phone number. When Carl is in the office, incoming calls arrive on his landline device. But those who call that fixed phone number when he is on the go are connected to his mobile phone. If Carl can’t take calls for a while, he only needs to consult one voicemail afterwards. If Carl calls someone back using his mobile phone, the callee only sees the trusted fixed phone number. If Carl wants to make a private phone call afterwards, he can show his private number.


vast-mobiel integratie

A fixed-mobile solution tailored
to your business?

Want to integrate your employees’ fixed and mobile telephony?  No problem! This is provided by default in Dstny’s Business Communication Platform

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