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The demand for automation and efficiency is increasing for entrepreneurs across all sectors. At the same time, customers have equally high demands in terms of availability and fast service. Investing in chatbots with artificial intelligence allows you to meet the high demands while keeping costs low. Every company should have a virtual colleague.
Dstny Chatbot AI

AI-powered chatbot for
automated support

Chatbot is an automated support channel for your business. Place Chatbot on your webpage, help section, intranet or Facebook and answer your customers’ questions 24/7.

Train your chatbot to answer frequently asked questions and thus increase customer experience and inbound leads. When the conversation becomes too difficult, you redirect the chat to a live agent.

ai chatbot automatiseren
Chatbot klantenservice

24/7 customer service

Help your customers any time of the day, any day of the week, all year round.


Generate more leads

Let Chatbot help convert website visitors into leads and thus increase sales.

gemakkelijk integreren

Easy to integrate

Chatbot can integrate with more than 3,000 CRM systems and services.

Quickly get started automating
your support

Thanks to our easy activation, you can be up and running in no time. Give your chatbot the style that suits your brand and import the help pages from your website. That’s already a good start to building your FAQ database!

Through the paraphrasing function, we train your chatbot to understand different wording of the same question. Questions that Chatbot is unable to answer are saved. This allows you to see what you might need to add.

chatbot setup
ai chatbot flows

Steer your flows in the right direction

You can lead your visitors to a desired outcome via conversational flows. By mapping and automating your process, you can reduce customer service volumes and increase the number of conversations and qualified leads.

For example, you can train Chatbot to convert visitors into leads by configuring responses to promote new services, with the bot encouraging potential customers to submit their information.


Chatbot can integrate with popular Social Media channels and Ticketing Systems. End users choose which trusted channel to contact you through, and the contact centre operator immediately sees which channel the chat is coming from. This is useful if the chat needs to be handled by a staff member.

Callcenter Agent

Seamless transition from
Chatbot to employee

Chatbot knows when to pass a question to a live employee. We can integrate different ticketing or messaging systems for a seamless transition to your current support structure.

Automate your customer service with the Dstny AI Chatbot

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