Omnichannel platform for Customer Engagement

Customers have higher and higher expectations of companies when it comes to customer service, and they often base their purchases and loyalty on this. Dstny’s Customer Engagement Platform uses artificial intelligence to offer customers a more personalised experience via every channel.
Digitale Contact Center
Customer Engagement Platform

Your digital Contact Centre for first-class customer service via every channel

The Customer Engagement Platform helps you manage and centralise all customer communication from all channels (voice, chat, e-mail, text messages, web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in a single dashboard.

The platform uses artificial intelligence and allows you to provide personalised experiences via all these channels, including rich content such as images, video, interactive controls and much more.


The benefits for your company

de beste klantenervaring

Deliver the best experience

Customers want to be able to contact you anytime, anywhere. With the Engagement Platform, you offer them advanced, effortless support across all channels. AI and Chatbot help you answer them quickly and effectively.

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Seduce new customers

Regardless of where they are in the purchasing process, customers and prospective customers want seamless experiences. Inspire with the right products and engage in meaningful conversations that generate more leads and sales.

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Support your employees

Free up time for your team so they can focus on the important things. Agent desktop with agent-assist simplifies your support and lets you personalise answers quickly and accurately.

Agent desktop: user info, history and tickets in one place

Agent Desktop gives you a 360° view of your customer and helps your team map the customer journey and previous queries so they can provide a fast and seamless experience.

It’s also equipped with agent-assist AI technology to give your agents real-time recommendations and information to help them quickly and accurately provide personalised answers to your customers’ queries.

Engage Agent Desktop
Engage AI Chatbot

Integrated chatbot: AI-powered

Our smart and self-learning virtual assistants provide your customers with the best conversation experiences 24/7. They do this by providing clear answers to frequently asked questions and immediately showing images of the available products the customer is looking for.

You easily add your company content, including products, services and FAQs, to the content management system (CMS).

Integrated ticketing system

Tracking, prioritising and resolving support tickets becomes child’s play with the intuitive ticketing system. Streamline your customer requests and increase customer loyalty from one central location.

Engage Ticketing

Customer Engagement Analytics

Manage and optimise your performance

Measure team and individual performance down to the minute; monitor handling times, SLAs and customer sentiment.

Generate reports using templates or compile them in a completely customised way. Enable automatic reporting to keep stakeholders informed or delve deeper into specific reports to see the underlying data and identify areas for improvement.


Customer Engagement Analytics

Why growing companies choose our Customer Engagement Platform


Customer loyalty




Reaction time

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