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You can't do without security these days. After all, cyberattacks have become more the rule than the exception. Yet many companies are still lulled into complacency. How come? They hold on tight to security myths that give them a false sense of security:

A false sense of security through security myths

Some examples at a glance...

Secure cloud telecom

Cloud Telecom, but made secure

Cybercriminals slip into your company from all angles. Your colleague loses his mobile device or uses an unknown USB stick on his laptop. Your employee answers a fraudulent e-mail or visits a malicious website. A new virus breaks through your firewall and your telephone numbers are hacked.

Many companies sell a separate security solution for every one of these open doors. We look at it differently. All our cloud telecom services are secure by definition. That way, all your Dstny services have an extra layer of security... As it should be!

Six building-blocks for your perfect secure solution

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We’ll scrutinise your basic telecom requirements (internet, telephony, network) and look for the pain points and needs. Then we analyse how your organisation could work faster and at less cost with our cloud services (Cloud communication, Cloud infrastructure, Cloud security). That way, your IT and telecom applications can merge seamlessly. Your company then benefits from a single, integrated, secure cloud telecom it should be! 


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