Secure Mobile Workers

Network security wherever you go

E-mail Security

Protects you from any Internet threat (ransomware, botnets, fraudulent sites etc.), even out of the office and in public places

Safely browse the internet, use IOT (smart TVs, printers etc.) and roaming devices

Easy to maintain with a pay per user model

Full details about Secure Mobile Workers

In today’s professional environment, everyone needs to be online all the time. As long as your devices are connected to the company network, there’s not a problem that layered protection can’t fix. NextGen firewalls and anti-malwares protect both your corporate network and your desktop and laptop computers.

But the trouble starts when your employees take their devices outside your secure corporate environment, where cybercriminals are lying in wait.

Secure Mobile Worker provides a network security layer for all your assets, without impacting your workers’ user experience.

What Secure Mobile Workers does

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What can you expect from SMW?

Universal security layer

Safe Internet access and applications so malware doesn’t stand a chance.

Perfect overview

Your IT department knows exactly who does what on your network.

Flawless user experience

Everyone works safely and smoothly, wherever they choose.