device beveiliging

Surf securely any time and anywhere.


Enable your people to surf securely

Filter malware and fraudulent sites with authentication, URL filtering and web isolation

Maintain your IT’s performance – with no slowdowns

Full details about our web security

Everyone wants to get on the internet, any time and anywhere. That’s often done via wifi, secure or insecure. But wherever employees surf outside their secure corporate environment, cybercriminals are lying in wait. Good protection is therefore vitally important.

Firewalls segment networks and restrict user access to specific locations, but they can't always cope with the complex threats of today. For example, they slow down the network when they inspect coded traffic, which may hamper employees’ surfing experience. In contrast, our web security has no impact at all on IT performance and policy in the company.

What can you expect?

Don't give malware a chance

Secure your internet access and applications so that your employees can surf securely from anywhere.

Surf with awareness

Make sure you have a smart access policy. Teach your colleagues all about the risks of cyber attacks.

Surf in freedom

Your colleagues choose for themselves where and when they work with which applications, but the stay alert to risks.