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Become Partner Portal Administrator

Do you manage the administration for your organisation? In that case, register as a Partner Portal Administrator. You’ll be able to manage the following Destiny services in your own portal within a few days:

  • Appointing Partner Portal Users and Partner Portal Managers and giving them access to certain parts of MyDstny.
  • Recording and tracking new leads and opportunities yourself
  • Downloading all the documents and tools to create and support new customers (brochures, white papers, videos, manuals etc.)
  • Easily consulting your contacts at Dstny
  • You’ll (shortly!) get access to MyDstny Commercial, a self-service module with which you can easily order products for your customers (the order form is created automatically).
  • You can impersonate your customers and perform actions on their portal, such as logging tickets and managing deliveries. Naturally, the customer decides which rights he will grant you.
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