Connexi Podcast: The three most important tipping points of Daan De Wever

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Daan De Wever

Daan, from Leuven, lives in Rotselaar with his wife and their two children. He also says: "I am a very driven person and always think several steps ahead. That gives me energy. Gradually I learned to be patient. At one point it all went too fast, so I realized I had to slow down. That is really necessary for yourself and the company."

Entrepreneurship was in Daan's blood from an early age. He organized school parties when he was 15. Later this evolved into the biggest events in Flemish Brabant. Failure was also part of it. "You only learn by making mistakes," says Daan. "Then it's a matter of listening carefully to your customer and adapting your working methods." Engagement, he believes, is crucial: knowing what your added value is, for yourself, your company and the customer. Since 2008, the core of his personality has remained the same, but in the business field his way of thinking has changed enormously. Over time, he learned all kinds of strategies. He enjoys continuous personal development, which for him makes it challenging and exciting.

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