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8 May 2019
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Destiny is eyeing up the high end of the Dutch business telecom market. The acquisitions of Motto early last year and DSD Business Internet this month play a crucial role in this. CEO Daan De Wever elaborates on the company’s plans. “Destiny’s ambition is to become the third largest business provider in the Netherlands.

Belgian company Destiny recently announced that it acquired Deurne-based DSD Business Internet. The Brabant provider offers connectivity services to medium-sized SMEs throughout the Netherlands, such as business internet, managed voice and datacenter services through its partners.  DSD Business Internet, its two owners and the team will be fully integrated in Destiny.

A robust company

Destiny CEO Daan De Wever describes DSD as an ‘excellent and robust company’, praising the innovative player. “DSD has done a terrific job in terms of organising its infrastructure and interconnection contracts with all the major players”, says De Wever. “After the acquisition of Motto, we always had the ambition to also offer connectivity in the Netherlands. You can either build this yourself or acquire a company. We chose the latter.”

The acquisition of DSD is a good fit with Motto, according to De Wever. Now Dutch partners of Destiny can also offer connectivity directly, because DSD’s interconnects span that last mile to customers. Which is perfect, especially in combination with Motto’s Flux platform. Flux is Motto’s communication platform, where resellers can buy, manage and sell the cloud services of several brands in one single place. “Flux also offers connections, interconnection, provisioning, supply, billing, monitoring and other services, allowing partners to focus on sales instead. They are free to make smart choices and give customers choices. Flux is fast, agnostic and generic, which is crucial in today’s world”, says De Wever.

Added value

De Wever wants to help partners develop services better, easier and faster. “We want to offer value-added connectivity. To support our growth, we have invested a lot of time and energy in the optimisation of our network infrastructure, interconnection, datacenters and security this past year.

‘Partners must be able to make smart choices’

We have an agnostic platform for partners, and are reaping the benefits of this’, says De Wever. ‘We integrated more security in Flux and since 1 April, partners have access to all of Destiny’s security services, which they can offer to their customers as cloud security. In the short term, Microsoft’s Office365 and Teams will be added to this line-up, giving partners more options to integrate Flux in bundles with mobile, security and workplace applications.”

Partners play a determining role

According to De Wever, partners are actively involved in product development, among others through the new Partner Advisory Board. “How can we determine which services must be developed in the future?

The end customers know what they need and our partners know them best”, says De Wever. “The Partner Advisory Board is largely responsible for devising new products and services. We also provide support through this Board, with marketing, training and partner days as part of a marketing plan, ensuring partners can fully concentrate on earning money with commercial cloud services.”

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