Destiny’s Smartmobile: 100 percent mobile communication for businesses

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23 March 2018
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Brussels, 23 March 2018 – Destiny, a provider of cloud communication solutions for small and medium-sized companies, is launching SmartMobile. In so doing, companies can extend the functionality they have in the office and which runs on fixed infrastructure to mobile applications. Employees can now easily be reached outside the office, in addition to determining their own availability, carrying a complete switchboard in their pocket as it were.

Thanks to SmartMobile employees are accessible anywhere, for professional reasons, with one single phone number. According to Daan De Wever, the CEO and founder of Destiny, this is a logical step: “Everyone relies almost 100 percent on mobile, for private use. We use our smartphone for countless applications, any time anywhere. But the business community has not made this switch yet.”

Thanks to SmartMobile , landline and mobile are now fully integrated so not a single communication is not lost. Employees can be reached any time, anywhere, but can determine themselves which communication they reply to or check. The separation between home and work is no longer as clear-cut as it used to be. Remote working is just one example that comes to mind. Each company’s communication infrastructure must keep in step with this evolution,

creating a 100 percent mobile world in the future. But we are not there quite yet. Destiny has joined forces with its partners and customers, studying how landlines and mobile can be optimally integrated within the company’s network, thereby increasing the efficiency of business communication and making certain expensive investments in infrastructure redundant.

The new offering was launched at the Destiny partner event, where the mobile concept was explained to partners. From April, Destiny will offer training and webinars to partners, so they are ready to work with SmartMobile  once it becomes officially available in May. Daan De Wever: “Destiny thinks along with its partners. We help them innovate their business model so they stand out in the market with a strong value proposition”.

About Destiny

Destiny, which was founded in 2008, is a provider of secure cloud communications solutions, mainly for small and medium-sized innovative enterprises. With 140 employees and an expected annual turnover in 2018 of 42 million euros, the telecom company has developed into the fastest-growing cloud and telecom player on the Belgian B2B market. Using the Destiny cloud interaction platform, companies can communicate more efficiently from any device and from anywhere, thanks to the seamless blend of telecom and IT in the underlying architecture. As a result, Destiny offers highly flexible and scalable solutions that are a perfect match for the customer’s current needs and which can also be tailored to future needs. Destiny’s proprietary network guarantees speed and advanced service for more than 11,500 business customers, including reputable companies such as Cevora, Ecover, Gabriëls, Katoen Natie, McDonald’s, Standaard Boekhandel, Würth and ZEB.

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