Dstny co-creates and customizes innovative new services with Oracle Communications

Dstny Strategy
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Samuel De Wever for Oracle

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We started out as two brothers in a basement, and now we’re one of the fastest-growing B2B telecom operators in Europe with highly customized communications solutions tailored to the needs of individual businesses.

The key to our success has been that we do things differently than the established players. We don’t sell just to sell. We don’t grow just to grow. We’ve been shouting “cloud” for years because we want to co-create and tailor solutions with customers whenever it makes sense to do so. For example, we are currently creating a high-end customer partner portal with 10 enterprise customers who want the same visibility as our internal support technicians into delivery, open tickets, ticket status and more.

While other CSPs largely ignore SMBs with 20 to 200 employees, we have an entrepreneurship-focused culture that makes us agile enough to innovate in this underserved market. And we seek out partners and suppliers that want to equip and enable smaller, more innovative enterprises.

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