Is Dstny the next Belgian unicorn with current cloud communication momentum?

Dstny Strategy
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Daan De Wever and Joachim Lauwers

Original source : Techzine 

March 17 is etched on the minds of many companies as the first day of an enormous challenge. Those who had extensive digitalization behind them were able to change gears relatively easily. For other companies, especially the SMEs, it was all hands on deck: how can they keep communicating smoothly with each other and, more importantly, with their customers?

Anyone with a traditional telephone system in the office had a hard time during that period. Suddenly, the office infrastructure was largely obsolete and everything had to be done from employees' numerous home locations. Even companies in the midst of such a digitalization process have suffered the first few days to establish a stable working environment.

At Dstny, a supplier specializing in cloud communications, they initially experienced everything as a major shock with the necessary crisis management. Joachim Lauwers, Managing Director Belgium at Dstny: "We had two extremes. On the one hand, there were the functions such as sales and installers who no longer had work. On the other hand, there was the support team that grew exponentially because customers needed all kinds of changes around their cloud configuration. For example, think of a switch from landlines to softphones."

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