EASI and Destiny join forces on the basis of shared values and market positioning

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14 October 2019
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EASI Destiny

Traditional cloud telecom players no longer satisfy the wishes of the market and of their employees.

EASI and Destiny, two Belgian providers of secure cloud services in the B2B market, are joining forces in a strategic partnership. In addition to a strong strategic and technological correspondence, this shared venture is being concluded on the basis of shared values and a marked cultural fit.

Innovative partnership

As a cloud telecom provider, Destiny will offer data centre connectivity to EASI, which will give its customers access to their own Cloud2be solution on this basis. As a result of the strategic integration of services, end customers will be provided with a total package on the one-stop shop principle, with complete control over the quality of both the solutions and their delivery. “We see that the Belgian SME market is being inadequately served in this area, and we want to do something about it together,” explains Daan De Wever, Destiny’s CEO.

Match of content

“To us, the match of content is the key condition for a successful partnership. Growth plans can only take the right form if you work towards them with shared values and a shared culture. We say the perfect partner in Destiny, not only because of the common ground we have in the area of strategy, but also the strong correspondence in our corporate cultures,” says Thomas van Eeckhout, EASI’s Managing Partner.

A strong cultural fit when new collaborative ventures are formed between companies not only provides the basis for successful growth, but also delivers a wide range of advantages both for the companies themselves and for the market.

One point of contact for the customer

With this partnership, Destiny and EASI complement each other’s range of services. This entails a number of advantages for the customer. Manageable costs, proactive communication and, above all, a single point of contact. These are features which a lot of customers in the mid segment are seeking today.

“Customers can purchase cloud services from EASI, with Destiny providing redundant connectivity. That way, companies in the mid segment will only have one single point of content for the total package and we can ensure that the quality of the service provision is streamlined with ours,” Thomas explains.

Daan adds: “The fact that our two business models are focused on the same market means that we are very familiar with the target group and its expectations. The fact that we are both committed to that area not only ensures that we can concentrate on our shared service delivery in the most effective possible way, but also ensures that we make the relationship with our customers the central focus. Both companies are positioned as challengers in the B2B market with this personal approach.

The power of the internal ambassador

And both companies implement this personal approach by making enormous commitments to recognition and internal transparency. Happy employees make happy customers. EASI has been voted Best Workplace for the 5th time in succession, and Destiny also has a strong commitment to involving its employees in business decisions via project groups.

“Cohesion between employees is an indispensable element,” says Thomas. “You can’t just create trust among the management, but also among the employees”. “That’s right,” says Daan. “It's only possible to share information to the best effect and build really good working relationships if there's a basis of trust”. Trust is not a given that you get automatically, but a culture that you build and keep building – non stop”.

About EASI & Destiny

EASI and Destiny are award-winning companies that have been commended multiple times over the past years for their strong, but sustainable growth – in the process of which they have always remained true to their values.  The two innovative companies owe this evolution partly to the well-considered strategic decisions they made, but even more so – as they say themselves – to the employees whom they perceive as the core of the business.

In the cloud telecom sector, small businesses often have to face up to a saturated, competitive market. You then need the skill to stand out from the rest, not just by the services you provide, but by the value added you achieve by having a strong partner at your side. What’s when you have a win-win situation – for both the allied companies and the customer.

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