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Cybersecurity is one of the biggest headaches for many companies. Major cyberattacks such as phishing, hacking, malware and ransomware feature in the media every week.  Investing in cybersecurity therefore needs to be standard practice in every business.  Have you opted for a cyber-savvy culture in the workplace? In this blog, we provide some essential tools to make your cyberpolicy a success.

Create a strong preventive culture

The best way to attack cybercrime is prevention. You should therefore invest in a good policy and ensure that you get your employees on board by creating involvement.  It's a good idea to launch your policy with a training course on personal cybersecurity: How can you shop safely online? What about Facebook’s privacy policy? How can you talk to children about cyber-bullying? If you start with subjects from your colleagues’ daily lives, they will feel more involved. What’s more, you show that you care about their personal welfare.

Communicatie is key

A cyber-savvy culture demands communication. A good start is when employees discuss hacking attempts and experiences with cybercrime among themselves. For that reason, encourage open questions at team meetings, that way you keep your staff alerted to cybercrime. In particular, remind them that they are the strongest link in the defence against cyberattacks.

Make your story concrete with clear examples

To be sure that your team is behind you, you must explain to them why you are taking this approach. Share stories about serious breaches and how the corporate culture or bad decisions made them possible. But above all, no scaremongering: warn them of real dangers, but convince them that their alertness will ensure that your company doesn't suffer harm.

You can do this by, for example, setting up cyber warfare games. These are fake sessions in which cybercrime threats are simulated and controlled with no risk of genuine damage.

Appoint a Chief Information Security Officer

It’s a good idea to appoint someone who will take charge and keep everyone informed of the new cybersecurity measures and protocols. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) manages all aspects of security and data protection, from checking on potential attacks to training other employees. It is important for this person or this team to be staffed by people who are genuinely qualified to advise on the legal and technical implications. Too often, cybersecurity is added to the long to-do list of IT or administrative employees.

Update your employees regularly

You want your employees to adhere to your cybersecurity policy, but you don't want them to have to make too much effort. The best way to achieve that is to send friendly reminders. Send messages by SMS and e-mail to inform your team of updates to mobile maintenance and security measures. A good policy is essential. However, only a few people will still be familiar with the contents of the staff manuals they were given on their first day at work.

The above tips will enable you to create a sustainable cybersecurity culture. Would you like to know more about cybersecurity, or are you looking for a tailored security solution for your company? If so, contact us without delay.

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