Three ways in which cloud communication strengthens SMEs

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28 January 2020
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In today’s saturated market, SMEs need to hold their ground against ever-increasing numbers of competitors. In an effort to set themselves apart, these companies often focus on the quality of their product. Yet, it seems that it is mainly customer service that wins people over: customers choose SMEs that excel in personal service and efficient follow-up.

But how can you increase your customer orientation and stay ahead of the competition? There is no easy answer to this. But cloud communication is certainly a big step in the right direction. Are you keen to know how cloud communication can give your service a boost? At Dstny, our top priority is maximum customer satisfaction. So, we will gladly share our insights with you:

1. Optimise your internal productivity with cloud communication

Do you want to communicate efficiently with the outside world? If so, then you first need to streamline your internal communication. Make sure that all your departments are integrated into one communication network – even if they are based in multiple locations.

How can cloud communication help you with this? Cloud-based communication will give you and your employees easy access to all your business information from anywhere, via the cloud. Thanks to video conferencing, you will easily be able to come together from different locations, and you can share your screens. With cloud communication, you will see immediately whether your colleagues can be reached by phone or you can receive and listen again to voicemails via your email.  Want to ask your colleague a quick question using a chat function? This too is easy with the cloud communication platform.

In short, with cloud communication all employees work together in an ideal fashion and perform better, which improves productivity.

2. Increase the efficiency of your communication with customers

A customer who rings you wants to reach the right colleague immediately and to receive a quick answer to his or her question. With a rising number of colleagues working on the move or from home, forwarding calls is a nightmare. Often an important question or crucial piece of information goes missing even before it has reached the recipient.

How can cloud communication help you with this? Thanks to cloud-based communication, you can add your colleagues to a phone conversation or simply transfer the call to them, even if they work somewhere else or can only be reached on their mobile devices. You can store all the important information from a conversation conveniently in the cloud so that it is available to anyone afterwards. Your colleagues can consult the information easily from anywhere and help your customers more quickly.

In short, you will improve the relationship with your customer and you will align mutual expectations more readily.

3. Be available to the customer at all times, wherever you are

Working from home, teleworking or working in co-workspaces – these days the employees of one company are increasingly in different locations. This must not be detrimental to teamwork or your availability.

How can cloud communication help with this? With cloud communication, you and your colleagues will carry around an entire telephone exchange. You will be reachable at all times on one set professional number, no matter what device you are using. And you can switch easily between fixed-line and mobile devices, wherever you are. This will seamlessly blend together fixed-line and mobile communication, enabling you to increase the speed and quality of your customer service and allowing you to help your staff achieve a better work-life balance.

In short, you will be able to work where and when you want, without this affecting your availability and security.

What if your company’s internal operations have already been streamlined with a cloud communication solution, including across the various offices? Then you can extend this efficiency to your external communication. You can focus on optimum customer centricity and set yourself apart, with greater customer engagement as the ultimate goal and result.

Are you keen to know what cloud communication could do for your organisation? Get in touch with us. We will gladly look at this with you.

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