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Dstny Strategy
Authored on
30 March 2021
Authored by
Daan De Wever New Business Radio

In March, everyone suddenly had to work from home. Home offices were set up quickly and meetings moved to the online world. The quick chat at the copier is over and customer visits are no longer possible. Yet sitting still is not an option, because hybrid working is here to stay according to the rapidly growing Secure Cloud Telecom company, Dstny.

It’s time to look at long-run business communications : How will you facilitate working from home in a sustainable way? How do you create more productivity, a better customer experience and keep an overview of all business communications? You’ll find out during the podcast of Let’s Talk Business, in which Daan shares his vision from his garden office in Leuven

About the first years of Dstny until the omnichannel train of today

I often see in startups that the young entrepreneur is the limiting factor on the growth of his company. And I’ve had to learn that myself too. I had to recognize at one point that with my young age, I wasn’t the right guy to do the job of CEO. That’s when I made the choice to hire a CEO. That may have been the best move. He taught me the business and without him Dstny would never have become what it is today. In fact, I realized that the team through which you surround yourself is the most important asset to your business.

You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business

With the rise of telecommuting, many new challenges have surfaced in the business world. Today, more than ever, the well-being of employees is being put to the test. However, there are plenty of studies showing that the professional health of your staff is strongly linked to the success of your business.

As an organization, it is therefore in your best interest to keep a close eye on the well-being of your employees. And that's where we're going strong with Dstny. For example, we have developed a model to discover the obstacles and resources of our employees. We offer them - in other words - a tool to engage in dialogue with our organization. With those insights, we can help our team leads with their development. And even at a higher level, you get a view of what the impact is of decisions you make.

The path to multiplication

In the past month there were 3 new acquisitions on Dstny's agenda. We move fast sometimes, but always with a sustainable goal in mind. The last thing we want is to build Dstny into an industrial group. Rather, we see ourselves as a group where multiple entrepreneurs with the same vision work towards one goal.

Dstny has had a lot of tipping points, and today is another one of those breakthroughs. There's such a fantastic future ahead of us that I want to help build. We are in a market where there is still so much room for growth, where we can still offer so much added value. And I also want to offer that added value to my employees. I want to build an organization where people are engaged and where they feel happy.  

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