White paper | Cloud telephone exchange vs. fixed telephone exchange

Cloud Communication
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5 May 2021
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The business telephony market has reached a tipping point. Companies looking for a new telephony system are more likely to make the move to a cloud-based application. And this is quite normal, given the general trend in the market and the maturity of cloud solutions. Traditional business telephony systems, such as standard phone lines or a local PBX, have been manifesting themselves in business for decades. But companies are taking the plunge: more and more organizations are ditching their fixed-line PBX and opting for the cloud.

Cloud communication is the new generation of telephony! Thanks to the integration of fixed and mobile telephony, the cost of telephony goes down: you pay per user. Companies also get a better telephony solution - with more features - and have the opportunity to improve their customer service a lot. In addition, the return on investment can be enormous. In this white paper, you'll read how your company gains many other benefits from cloud communications and why more and more companies are opting for a telephone exchange in the cloud instead of the location-based variants.

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