Higher invoice

Een hogere factuur: wat zijn de mogelijke oorzaken?

A higher invoice: what are the possible reasons?


Is your bill significantly higher than last month’s? It’s possible. There are a few possible reasons:


1. Extra service

Have you added an extra Destiny service in the past month or purchased extra licenses, and have these already been installed? If so, this extra amount will be invoiced in the following bill.


2. One-time cost

Did a Destiny technician call by in the past month to deal with a relocation? Have you been sent extra devices, or has a new office been set up? In that case, an extra one-time cost may have been added to your current bill.


3. High usage

The reason for extra costs may also lie in extra telephony usage, fixed or mobile. You can check that easily in the details of the bill or by requesting the call details via support@destiny.be

You can't see a rise in the normal call traffic at first glance? Maybe one of your colleagues has called third party services. This will always be stated separately in the details of your call usage.


Is the source of the higher costs not immediately obvious? Don't hesitate to send an email to support@destiny.be and we’ll be pleased to investigate further with you.

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