Reminders and late payments

Your bill states a due date “Payable by...”. We must have received payment in full on that date.


Late payment process

You may forget on occasion. That's no big deal. We send you a first reminder letter 7 days after the due date. This is sent by email or post, depending on the preference stated by you yourself as the customer when the contract came into force. Do you want to change these details or have them checked? It’s possible. Just send an email to and we’ll be pleased to change your preferences within 5 working days.

If we don't receive your payment after the first reminder letter, we send a second letter two weeks later. We follow this up with a phone call, no later than 7 days after the second letter.

After that we wait another week, but if we haven't received your payment after two reminder letters and phone calls, we unfortunately have to send you formal notice of default by registered letter. Your account manager is informed. He or she tries one last time to contact you to find out if there is a specific reason for your late payments. He or she informs our finance department so as to arrive at a joint decision.

After that, we send a final warning. And if we don't receive payment? Unfortunately, we are forced to discontinue your services. You can have them re-activated by sending proof of payment to or contacting us by phone on +32 2 401 97 00.


You've paid, but still get a reminder?

We only send a first reminder letter if you've paid 7 days late. So please check the due date on your bill. Depending on your bank, it can take up to 5 days for your payment to show on our account. Around public holidays, it can even take up to a week.

Everything seems to be all right? Don't hesitate to give our Finance Team a call on +32 2 401 97 00.

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