Available features in the ConnectMe-softphone

ConnectMe is a communication application (browser, software PC/Mac, app iOS/Android) with integrated telephone functionalities, chat, video conferencing and screen sharing. ConnectMe users can access their private and professional address book via their laptop, tablet, office phone and mobile device or smartphone. Via ConnectMe you can manage your status: professional or private. ConnectMe users use the classic mobile network and, if desired, switch to an internet connection (3G, 4G or WiFi), which is interesting for travelers to distant countries.


Softphone ConnectMe interface desktop

The ConnectMe application consists of several parts:

  1. Your profile (top right corner)
  2. Search bar with call and chat function
  3. Menu bar

In this section, we'll take a closer look at the menu bar on the left side of your ConnectMe softphone.


De ConnectMe-applicatie side menu



The homepage shows all the different contact groups within your organization. You can freely choose and compose these yourself via the menu bar at the bottom “Create a group of contacts”. This way you have a quick overview of your most important groups.


Personal contacts


With personal contacts you can easily add and manage contacts. Even contacts outside your own organization.


Create a contact

You can create a contact by clicking the icon in the top left corner.

From this button, you can create your contact's profile


Connect me contact aanmaken

Afterwards you can easily call, chat, delete or share the created contacts within the rest of your organization.


Connect me persoonlijke contacten

Do you often need to be able to reach some contacts quickly? Then make them 'favorite' by clicking on the star icon, they will appear at the top of your homepage.


Connect Me persoonlijke contact favoriet




Connect me Instellingen

The “Settings” section allows you to manage your personal settings of your ConnectMe Application.

  • My profile: change your profile picture, your group and your status. You can find more about customizing your profile here.


Connect Me mijn profie

  • Change password: modify your password. Find more information here. 


Connect Me wachtwoord wijzigen

  • Select media devices: Select the devices with which you will use your ConnectMe application: landline, headset or via your computer's microphone. More information about installing your devices can be found here.


Desktop app Connect Me media instellingen

  • Downloads: Here you can find the most recent downloads to extend your ConnectMe Application (such as the extension to share your screen,…). Note: as soon as you want to download something, you may need administrator rights from your ICT manager.


Connect Me downloads instellingen

  • Themes: Personalize the theme of your ConnectMe Application here.


Connect Me instellingen Thema's

  • Notifications: here you can manage the notifications from your ConnectMe Application.


Connect Me instellingen meldingen

  • Saved preferences: If you check "save choice" in your settings, you will find it in this overview.


Connect Me instellingen opgeslagen voorkeuren


Connect Me Opgeslagen voorkeuren

  • Privacy: Set the privacy preferences of your application, in order to allow us to analyze your usage functions for improvements.


Connect Me instellingen privacy

  • Communication server: Manage the routing of your telephony traffic here. More information can be found here.


Connect Me Instellingen Communication serve



The feedback section in the menu bar allows you to give your feedback about the ConnectMe application. This way we can make continuous improvements.


Connect Me feedback


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