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Chat features

Check Chat statuses

  • Chat sent ()
  • Chat received ()
  • Chat read ()

Connect me Chatstatussen bekijken


Copy/Paste images

  • These remain available for 1 week in the chat


Add documents

  • These remain available for 1 week in the chat


Use Emoji's

Connect me Emoji's gebruiken

Connect me chatten met contacten

Chat with colleagues

Option 1: search for a colleague in your chat history

Connect me chatgeschiedenis


Option 2: search in your contacts


  • light green: you can chat, but the contact is not online
  • dark green: you can chat and the contact is online
  • See other options whenever the chat icon is displayed


Connect me contact persoon zoeken

Connect me contactpersoon andere opties

Connect Me interface bellen

Create a Chat group

Option 1: via your chat history


  • Create a chat group
  • Search a name
  • Search members
  • Add them to the group

Connect me aanmaken groepschat

Connect me leden zoeken


Option 2: via a 1-on-1-chat


  • Create a chat group
  • Your contact will be automatically added to the chat group

Connect me chatten met contacten

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