Make and forward calls

Default configuration of your telephony


  • Physical phone = primary device
  • ConnectMe = secondary device


Caller ID

  • Your normal number is displayed


Call flow

  • Different statuses (to inform your colleagues of your status, but also to route incoming calls correctly)
  • First the primary and secondary phones ring
  • After 30 seconds the call goes to voicemail
  • You can listen to your voicemail messages by dialing 8500. The default PIN is 4646

Connect me verschillende statussen



  • Telework: You work from a different location than your office. For example, at home. Your mobile phone will ring for incoming calls, not your landline.
  • Holiday: Calls are automatically forwarded to your colleagues.
  • Busy: When you don't want to be disturbed, for example during a meeting
  • Out of Office: When you are out of the office and not available for any communication
  • Office: You are present at the office, your landline will ring first for incoming calls.


Connect me oproepflow



  • Option 1
    • Enter the number
    • Press Enter to call

Connect me nummer invoeren

  • Option 2
    • Search a contact
    • Click on the phone icon
    • Select the number you want to call

Connect me contact persoon zoeken


Connect me nummer kiezen

Connect Me interface bellen

Microphone on, Microphone off = Mute (caller hears nothing

Connect me microfoon aan en uit

On hold (caller hears music)

Connect me beller in wacht zetten

Direct transfer

Connect me oproep doorschakelen

Announced transfer (you speak tot he other person before transferring the caller)

Connect me verbind de oproep aangekondigd door

Chat (only available during conversations with colleagues)

Connect me chatten

Video calling (only available during conversations with colleagues)

Connect me videobellen

Select media device (speaker, headset, etc.) 

Connect me Kies je media-apparaat

End call

Connect me beëndig oproep

Open keypad (click the keypad icon again to open the call screen).

Connect me open klavier

Start a second call (you can transfer or switch between calls)

Connect me start een tweede oproep


Direct Transfer to someone in your contact list

  • Click on the arrow
  • Search the contact


Connect me doorschakelen


Direct Transfer to a number

  • Click on the arrow
  • Enter the number (+3226860901)
  • Click Enter
  • The call is transferred

Connect me nummers die je wil doorschakelen


Announced Transfer

  • Click on the double arrow
  • Enter the number (same way as Direct Transfer)
  • Speak to the person you are transferring tot o announce the call
  • Transfer when you’re ready

Forward to another number


Go to the Setting options

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Communication Server”
  • Select “Communication Flow”
  • Select your Forward option

Select which type of calls should be forwarded

Enter the number

Connect me doorschakelen naar een ander numme

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