Installing a headset

Want to make phone calls via your computer? It's easiest with a headset. We explain to you hear how to install a new Plantronics headset and link it to your Dstny Softphone.

Always charge the headset before connecting it to your softphone.

This is how to install your headset

  • Plug your USB cable or dongle into your computer’s USB port.
Headset installeren stap 1
  • Your computer will automatically install the correct drivers. A pop-up window may appear on the right below your taskbar. Installation may take a few minutes.
Headset installeren stap 2
  • Once your drivers are installed, this pop-up may appear: (illustration)
Headset installeren stap 3


Headset pairing

To connect your headset to the softphone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Dstny Softphone
  • At the top left-hand corner, go to ‘Extra’, then select ‘Options’.
  • Go to the ‘Audio’ tab. You can call on the softphone in two ways: via the computer’s microphone and speakers or via your headset. There are therefore two audio profiles:
    • Speaker profile
    • Headset profile
  • In the ‘Headset’ tab you can choose which device you want use for speaking (input device), listening (output device) and hearing the ringtone. Make your selection via the dropdown menu.
Headset installeren stap 4
  • Want to change your audio profile? Click on the icon in the bottom left corner of the softphone.
  • The speaker profile is activated


  • The headset profile is activated


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