Installing the mobile app

You can manage your availability on your mobile phone via the Dstny app. This is how to install the app.

This is how to install the app

  • As soon as your Dstny SIM card is activated, we will send you an SMS with a link. Click on it. You will reach this page:
Dstny mobile app step 1
  • Click on ‘Download’ to install the app via the App Store or Google Play Store. Install the app on your phone.
  • Once installed, open the app and provide your mobile number, including the country code (e.g., +32123456789).
Mobile app step 2
  • Tap on the 'Get activation code' button. An activation code will be sent to you via SMS, and if applicable, by email.
  • Enter the activation code in the app and press 'Activate.'
  • After the activation code is validated, you can start using the application and access its full range of features.


  • You can change your personal settings under ‘Me’:
Mobile app installeren stap 3 screenshot
  • Your caller ID
    • This is the number which external contacts see when you call them.  You can choose from your personal fixed number, your business’s main number (if you have set it) or your mobile private number.
  • Your role
    • Select ‘Private’ if you want your contacts to see your private mobile number when you call them.
    • Select ‘Business’ if you want your contacts to see your personal fixed number or your business’s main number when you call them.
Mobile app installeren stap 4 screenshot
  • Your activity
    • Always Available: calls to your fixed number will go to all your devices (mobile, fixed and softphone)
    • Available on Fix: calls go to your fixed device and your softphone – not to your mobile phone
    • Working Remote: calls go to your mobile phone and softphone – not to your fixed device
    • Do Not Disturb: calls go directly to your voicemail
    • Vacation: calls go to the business’s main number (if set)
Mobile app installeren stap 5 screenshot

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