Installing a softphone

You’ll make phone calls in future with your Dstny softphone. This is not a traditional telephony device, but software that is installed on your computer – hence the word ‘softphone’, a contraction of ‘software’ and ‘phone’. And this software has many advantages, as you will soon see.

Before you can make calls, you naturally have to install the softphone on your computer. Do you already have your own username and password? If not, contact your IT manager first.

Don't forget,

you need to have administrator rights to install software.

This is how you do it:

Softphone stap 1 screenshot
  • Go to the ‘Start page’ tab and click on ‘Applications’.
Softphone stap 2 screenshot
  • Download the softphone by clicking on the link.
    • Depending on the browser you use, the file may open straight away or you may have to save it first.
Softphone stap 3 screenshot
  • Click on the downloaded softphone.exe file and install it with the setup wizard.
  • Installation complete? Open your Destiny Softphone. You now have to run a new installation wizard. Click on ‘Next’.
  • The wizard will ask for your server settings. Enter:
    • The server’s URL:
    • User ID: your username
    • Password: your password
    • Skip the next two steps. We will complete them as soon as you’ve connected your headset.

The Dstny Softphone is ready for use. Just make a call.

Dstny Softphone downloaden

Bekijk in dit filmpje hoe je je softphone downloadt

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