Receiving a second call

You’re on the phone, and you're getting a second call? In that case, the new caller will automatically hear your voicemail.

Do you want to take it? Or put the call on hold? Find out here how to do that.

For your mobile number


    Somebody’s calling on your mobile number while you’re on the phone to someone else, but you would rather take the call or decline it straight away? In that case, change your settings by calling *43# (i.e.: star - 43 - hash) on your mobile phone. Do you want to switch this service off again? Then use your mobile to call #43# (i.e.: hash - 43 - hash).

      For your fixed number


      Is someone calling your fixed number while you're on the phone to someone else, but you don’t want the other caller to go to your voicemail? In that case, there are a number of options. You can configure them easily via the user portal.

      • Or click on ‘Extra’ then ‘My start page’ in your softphone.


      Option 1: Put the new caller on hold

      Do you want to take the second call, but not immediately? In that case, you can put the new caller on hold.

      Go to your user page and click on ‘Services’, then on ‘Route call’. You will then see a list of rules for incoming calls. You don't see the list? Check that you’re in ‘user view’ and not in ‘admin view’ – see the top right of your screen.

      • You will now be able to set up your own rule. Click on ‘Select’ and choose an option in the dropdown menu. For example: ‘If a call is received and ‘call in progress’ is true, the new call will be transferred to the queue’.
      • In that case, the second caller is put on hold, but you can continue with your other call.
      • The second caller hears that he is on hold and that he can have you called automatically when your conversation is ended. All he has to do is press number 5.
      • Are you finished with your call? The switchboard will then automatically launch a call between you and the second caller. 

      Option 2: Accept or decline the second call

      Would you prefer not to put your new incoming calls on hold? In that case, select the rule: ‘If a call is received and ‘call in progress’ is true, the new call will be transferred to the mobile phone’.

      • In this case, you have two options: either you accept the second call and put the first one on hold, or you look at your mobile phone to see who the second caller is. Is it an important call or is it no problem for it to wait? In the first case, you simply answer it, in the second, you decline the call (you have to have activated this function by calling *43# on your mobile number).

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