What's what in the softphone?

We divide the Destiny softphone up into four zones:


  • Status field
  • Search field
  • Contacts – calling – log
  • Sound settings


Zone 1: the status field

Want to change your status? Click on your current status and select a new one from the menu.

Statusveld screenshot

See how to modify an activity


Zone 2: the search field

Here you can:

  • Enter the name of a contact you want to call. The softphone will search for all contacts who correspond with the name you entered.
  • Enter a new contact number.


See how to make a call


Zone 3: Contacts – calling – log


  • All your contacts are listed in this tab. You will also immediately see your colleagues’ status. Click on the phone icon beside a name to call your contact directly. Click on the chat icon to start a chat session.
Contactpersonen screenshot 1


  • You can manage your active calls here. Click on the icons at the bottom of the screen, for example to record a call, place it on hold or end it.
Contactpersonen screenshot 2
Contactpersonen screenshot 3

Do you want to transfer a call?

  • Start a new call during your active call by selecting your contact from the list or using the numerical keypad. Your active call will then be automatically placed on hold. Wait until the new contact answers.
  • When your new contact accepts the call, click on the ‘Transfer a call’ icon. An additional arrow appears beside your other call.
  • Click on ‘Transfer’ in the third party’s screen.



Here you will get an overview:

  • of your calls: in the “All” tab
  • of your missed calls: in the “Missed calls” tab
  • of all voicemail messages and recorded calls: in the ‘Inbox’ tab
Contactpersonen screenshot


Zone 4: sound settings


In this zone, you can

  • Switch your microphone on and off /
  • Change your audio profile /
  • Change the volume using the slide


See how to switch devices

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