Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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The Service Level Agreement describes what you – as a customer and partner – can expect with regard to service delivery and time windows. The performance criteria to be found below apply only to services in Belgium. The service levels in other countries are defined by the specific rules applying in each country.


On this page, we briefly explain the Service Level Agreement, in three parts:

For further details you can download the SLA document here.

Our support team’s availability

A professional helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report new incidents and open a file. The time windows for incident handling and intervention depend on the incident severity of your problem or question.

Scheduled and emergency maintenance

To guarantee optimum effectiveness of our services, we occasionally carry out scheduled maintenance on our backbone and on customer equipment.

  • Scheduled maintenance normally takes place on the first Sunday of the month, between 2.00 am and 6.00 am in the morning. We notify our customers of scheduled maintenance by email 10 working days in advance. Did you fail to receive a message about our most recent maintenance, and are you the contact for your company? In that case, amend your contact details and the selected communications on our portal.  
  • You as the customer will be informed of emergency maintenance by email at least 3 working days in advance. If we can’t notify you 3 days in advance, you’ll be informed by phone at least 12 hours beforehand. We try to restrict emergency works to three times per year and per location.


Interruptions during scheduled and emergency maintenance are essential to the optimum operation of the network and are therefore not subject to the SLA.

Incident severity and timers

A severity level is assigned to every incident. Specific response and repair times apply depending on the assigned level. These are summarised in the overview below.

Level 1 (P1)

Service unavailable

Response time
4 hours

Level 2 (P2)

Primary link not available, service successfully taken over by the backup link.


Response time
6 hours

Level 3 (P3)

Service disrupted (interruptions, capacity problems, quality problems)

Response time
8 hours

Level 4 (P4)

Request for information or changes in configuration

Response time
5 working days

The repair times as stated in the table above don’t apply if the access network fails completely with welding work being required to repair the medium. In that case, we guarantee that the incident time will be counted from the moment when the repair of the medium starts.

You as the customer create a ticket for every incident. It can be sent by email ( or telephone (+32 2 401 97 00), but it is easiest to do it via the portal ( If you use the portal, you can keep track of the status and progress of your open (and closed) tickets very quickly.

Do you feel that your ticket isn’t being treated as it should be? In that case, you can escalate it via or via the portal. That way, you can identify the desired ticket quickly and further work can be done on it here efficiently. You can also consult the expectations on an escalation at any time at MyDstny, where you’ll find the escalation matrix. 

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