The term and extension of your Dstny contract

Term of your contract

Most orders at Dstny are entered into for a three-year term. With our SME solution, this is standard. With services for Enterprise, this may possibly change. In this case, the contract term is drawn up in consultation with the customer.

The term comes into force as soon as your services are activated and/or installed. If multiple offices are involved, the term will start as soon as delivery has been made to all offices.

Have you ordered mobile telephony from us? If so, your term starts as soon as the first SIM card is activated.


Extension of your contract

3 months before the end of the term of your Destiny service provision, your contract will be extended tacitly and automatically for a term equivalent to one year. Normally, you will be contacted by your account manager some months before this date to discuss your current service provision and the extension.


Cancellation of your contract

Have you sadly decided to leave us? You can do that by sending a registered letter or an e-mail to three months before the end of your term. You can find more information about our cancellation procedure here.

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