Activating SIM cards

There may be different roles within your company:

  • As a user, you’ll use a Dstny SIM card which you've received from your employer.
  • As the fleet administrator, you’ll manage all the SIM cards for your company.

1. Users


Once your organisation’s fleet administrator (mobile manager) has added you to the MyDstny portal as a mobile user, he/she may choose either of two procedures for the activation of your SIM card.

  1. He/she will send you an activation email in which you can follow a link to start the activation process. By that time, you’ll normally have received the SIM card from your fleet administrator.
  2. He/she will start the activation process automatically and complete the process him-/herself.


The activation email

If option 1 is used, you’ll receive an activation email from us. It contains the link to the activation portal where you can activate your SIM card as well as the steps you have to take to do so. You haven’t received the email? In that case, contact your fleet administrator or contact us on +32 2 401 97 00 (option 1) or at .


Steps in the activation process

  1. Keep your SIM card close to hand
  2. Go to the activation portal (link) to start the activation. This link is personal and therefore only applies to your SIM card. The actual activation normally takes an hour, but can take up to two days under certain circumstances.
  3. Enter your SIM card number if this has not been done already
  4. Your SIM card will then be activated. As soon as the network drops out, you can replace your old SIM card with the Destiny SIM card.
  5. Start calling and surfing with Dstny Mobile.

Is something not working as it should be?

Try switching flight mode on and off or restart your phone. If you still can’t surf or make calls on the Dstny network, you should contact your in-house fleet administrator. He/she will then contact us.



Some handy tips & tricks

  • Always change your SIM card’s default PIN code via your mobile device’s settings. This ensures greater security of your device and your privacy.
  • Set your voicemail by calling 9999.
  • Change your device's APN configuration to be able to surf (use data) via the Destiny network. For more information, we refer you to our APN settings.


2. Fleet administrator


  • Open the portal using You’ll find more information about logging in here.
  • Via the left-hand menu, go to
    • Self-service
    • UC & Mobile
    • Manage users
  • Click on the name of the user for whom you want to activate a SIM card (or use the search function).
  • Click on “Add Service”


add service

You can then configure the desired service for the selected user.


1. Choose your product type

Depending on your contract, several product types that include a SIM card may be shown:

  • Dstny Mobile: mobile telephony and mobile internet
  • Dstny SmartMobile: fixed/mobile integration with Dstny’s cloud-based telephone switchboard
  • Dstny FMC: fixed/mobile integration without Dstny’s cloud-based telephone switchboard 


portal 1

2. Choose the service type for this user

Depending on the product selected, you also have different services.

  • Dstny Mobile includes all types of mobile subscriptions:
    • Standard SIM cards (Mobile)
    • Data SIM cards (some data, no telephony) (Mobile Internet)


Portal 2

  • Dstny SmartMobile includes all converged types of subscriptions:
    • Converged (fixed and mobile) SIM cards
    • Data SIM cards
    • UC users (fixed only)


Portal 3

Only the product type for which you have a contract will be shown.


3. Select your specific bundle

  • Now select the specific bundle (data allowance, number of call minutes) for this specific user and add any options (e.g. extra international call minutes).


4. Confirm your selected bundle for this user.


Portal 4


5. Configure your telephone number


Portal 5

When you configure the telephone number, you can choose which mobile number will be placed at the user’s disposal. You can choose from:

  • Request new number: a new mobile number will be assigned.
  • Port an existing number: an existing number will be transferred from another operator to Dstny.
  • Port an existing Dstny service: an existing mobile number will be transferred within your organisation.

Depending on the option you select, you may have to provide additional information.

Take care, if you enter wrong information when porting a number the number will be refused. If the details entered are unsuccessful, you can change them later via the dashboard in MyDstny at “Mobile porting issues”.


6. Configure the SIM card


Portal 6

When you configure the SIM card, you can configure the SIM card number for the user. There are two ways to do this:

  • Option 1: My user has an unused SIM card and will enter it during activation: the user will receive an email with a link to the web page, where he/she can enter the SIM card number. This means that you as the fleet administrator don't have to enter a SIM card number for every user and the user him-/herself can decide when to enter his/her number. This is useful when multiple users have to be activated at once.
  • Option 2: I have an unused SIM card that I want to use: as the fleet administrator, you can enter the SIM number and you yourself will give the right SIM card to the right user.


7. Select your fixed number


Portal 7

If a fixed number is needed (for fixed/mobile integration services, such as SmartMobile and FMC), you can select one from 

  • Option 1: a list of available fixed numbers (choose a fixed number)
  • Option 2: a list of fixed numbers that are already in use (choose an active fixed number). If you select the latter option, the active fixed number is removed from the user to whom it is currently linked and added to the new user.

If there are no more fixed numbers available, you can request new numbers via our support team: or +32 2 401 97 00 (option 1).


8. Activation


Portal 8

You’ve reached the final step in the activation process! At this point, you’ve got two more decisions to make.


How do we complete the activation?

You can choose between two procedures:

  • Send an email to the user with instructions on how to complete the activation: the user will receive an email and has to click on a link to start the activation process. To get a better idea of this process, you can go to “activate SIM card - user”.
  • The activation process is started automatically: the activation process starts without the user’s intervention. This option is not always available and has to do with whether you as the fleet administrator have already entered the SIM card number.


When do we have to start activation?

You can choose between two procedures:

  • Option 1: Activation has to start as soon as possible: the complete activation process (send email to user, start “port number” etc.) starts immediately, after you click on “save”.
  • Option 2: I opt to start the activation process later: The complete activation process (send email to user, start “port number” etc.) will start later. This is useful when preparing a migration: for example, all details can be entered on a Friday evening, but nothing will be started as yet. The process can be started manually later (see “Services waiting for activation”), for example on Monday morning so that users don't have to start the activation during the weekend.

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