What is VoIP?

Voice over IP or VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In simple terms: it means making phone calls via the computer network.  You no longer connect your switchboard or telephone to the telephone network, but directly to the internet - via any existing internet connection. So with VoIP, your telephony and internet are on the same network. With Dstny, you can even use a switchboard in the cloud.

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Why install a VoIP switchboard?

VoIP switchboard offers a wide range of advantages over classic telephony, or in other words:  analogue or digital telephony.


A single network means less cabling, less maintenance, one subscription. Teleworking is easier to organise because IP addresses are portable: all your workers are free to go wherever they like. Are you relocating your office or a branch? In that case, you don't need to jump through a lot of hoops to reconnect everyone to the business network again.

More cost-effective

Outgoing calls are up to 60% more cost-effective because your subscription goes through a SIP operator which will offer attractive rates because you’re bundling your data and voice lines. Calls within the business network are actually entirely free of charge, even if they go via external locations. Thanks to the high quality of audio and video calls, you don’t actually need to travel abroad: you can hold your meeting easily from your office or private room. That cuts a lot of costs. You're remodelling your office or branch? You can install or remove phone terminals with no problems or extra costs.

More flexible and productive

You're taking on new employees or reducing your staff? That’s no problem, because your phone system is especially flexible. You can add or change the licenses you need yourself, easily and cost-effectively.

More efficient

If you integrate your fixed and mobile telephony, everyone can collaborate better and more smoothly. Customers and co-workers can reach you anywhere on your fixed number. However, you yourself can choose the hours between which they can call you.

Closer to your customers

With CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) you can link your phone system with your CRM. And that presents all kinds of possibilities. For instance, if a customer calls you, the switchboard recognises his number and opens your customer file automatically. That way, you can offer the customer in question the right service straight away.

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