Macobo Group: four offices seamlessly connected via the Cloud

Macobo Group, formed in 2008, is an engineering group which provides structural studies to partners throughout Flanders. After organic growth to 40 employees in 2018, the company had a number of strategic acquisitions on its agenda. Macobo Group now consists of more than 100 employees, spread across four offices. One of these employees is Steven Melis, CFO with Macobo Group. He’s the man who provides his colleagues with the right tools for both internal and external communication. 

Macobo Group information

The digital challenges

Due to growth and various acquisitions, Macobo Group found itself confronted with a fragmented range of telecom services across its offices. “We were looking for 1 total solution for our employees, not only for mobile telephony but also landlines and the internet,” says Steven Melis. “On top of that, a good number of our employees travel a lot, but that can't be allowed to affect their availability.  We want to be there for the customer at all times, with a personal approach”.

After thorough market research, Macobo Group came to Dstny.

Our solutions

“To streamline our offices, we made the transition to the Cloud with Dstny. There’s no question of four separate sites any more, it’s one integrated company. For example, there’s only one front desk instead of four, and it’s reached by one central number via the Cloud telephony exchange”.

Being available to customers is a top priority for Macobo Group. Integrated fixed and mobile communication is essential here. “Many of my colleagues are on the road every day and they, too, have to be easy to reach.  That's how we arrived at Dstny’s SmartMobile solution. Thanks to this Cloud solution, all my colleagues can be reached easily on their business number, as if they were sitting in the office. And when they go into a meeting, they route incoming calls easily to another colleague”.

Macobo Smart Mobile

Macobo Group’s employees also welcomed the Cloud solution enthusiastically. “My colleagues decide for themselves when they’ll receive calls on their business number, so they keep work and their personal lives nice and separate.”

 “And the great thing about the whole Cloud story is scalability. Macobo Group grew rapidly in 2018, but we don't want it to stop there. Our ambition is to grow even further on the strategic level and we’re convinced that our Cloud telecom will grow perfectly with us, thanks to Dstny’s scalable solution”.

Macobo cloud telecom

3 reasons according to Macobo Group to choose Dstny

Broad expertise in Cloud telecom solutions

Dealing personally with the customer

Flexibility in service provision and solutions