Fixed/mobile integration

Always available professionally with one business number

Do customers and colleagues want to reach you on your fixed landline or mobile number at any time, including after working hours? Is it hard for your employees to keep private life and work apart flawlessly when it comes to the communication tools provided by your company? In that case, it’s time for fixed/mobile integration.

A professional fixed landline number

Choose for yourself when you will be available

On the personal side, you probably already use your smartphone for plenty of mobile apps. So why not take these with you into the business environment?

Practically all companies communicate by mobile these days. And yours can't be left behind. With fixed/mobile integration of your telephony, you’re totally available any time and anywhere on your fixed number: for your company, your employees and your customers.. Business Communications today and tomorrow.

The benefits to your company

You're available professionally and securely with one fixed landline number

How does fixed/mobile integration work?

One example: as an insurance agent, Karel is often on the road visiting customers. His business card shows one fixed business landline number. Customers call him only on this fixed number, he himself chooses where and when he can be reached. In the office, calls come to his fixed device, but when he is out they come to his mobile.  That way, he doesn't miss a single call. What happens if he can't take the call? In that case, he only has to call one voicemail service later. If Karel wants to call a customer from his mobile, the person he’s calling will still only see the familiar fixed landline number. If he makes a personal call, he can display his private number.

Hoe werkt vast mobiele integratie

Your customised fixed/mobile solution

Want to integrate your employees’ fixed and mobile phones? It can be done. This solution is included as standard in Destiny’s cloud communication (SmartMobile and SmartMobile Plus).

Is your contract with your current telephone switchboard partner still running? Do you work with an external ICT partner? Then we’ll integrate our fixed/mobile solution with your switchboard. In that case, opt for our Fixed-Mobile Unification service (FMU). 

These customers and partners are all super-happy with their fixed/mobile integration!

Find out how we form a true partnership with our customers... Business Communications today and tomorrow!

This service is totally secure from cyberattacks.

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