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Want to have an impact on your industry’s future? To be a trusted advisor for your customers and offer them a total solution? Focus on your core tasks and strengthen your market position? Dstny will help you.

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The greatest benefit of collaborating with Dstny? It’s a true partnership!

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The market is constantly changing: the boundaries between surfing and telephony are changing and the technology is more and more frequently cloud-based. Cloud telecom services dovetail neatly with this evolution. Your customer can now go digital even sooner.

But placing all services in the cloud naturally has an impact on your business model. Your customers are therefore looking for a proactive partner who will offer them personal service and flexible and scalable solutions. With Dstny’s technical and commercial support, you're the trusted advisor.

You have a choice of two collaboration models, depending on your needs and business. Want to know which one is your perfect match? View our formulas here.

Six building-blocks for your perfect secure solution

We’ll scrutinise your basic telecom requirements (internet, telephony, network) and look for the pain points and needs. Then we’ll analyse how your organisation could work faster and at less cost with our cloud services (Cloud Communication, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Security). That way, your IT and telecom applications can merge seamlessly. Your company then benefits from a single, integrated, secure cloud telecom solution...as it should be! 

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