You're always available professionally with one fixed landline number

Seamlessly integrate all your employees’ mobile phones with your own switchboard. That way, you’re always available for colleagues and customers.


Never miss an important call, wherever you are

Collaborate more smoothly and efficiently between all your sites

Save time and money

FMC: Your mobile device on the switchboard

How exactly does it work?

In simple terms: your fixed and your mobile device become one. Thanks to FMS (Fixed-Mobile Convergence), you can transfer a call from one device to the other without interruption. And it gets even better: you only give people the fixed landline number. That’s not only handy for your customers, but also perfect for your colleagues’ work-life balance. Thanks to a simple setting at your own switchboard, every individual switches smoothly between their mobile and their fixed number – you just state yourself what time of day you're available on which number. Zooming in:


Reachable exactly when you want it

You yourself choose whether to display your fixed (business) number or your private number, and you yourself say when you’re available on the fixed number.

All your trusted PBX functionalities now also on mobile

Your switchboard routes all your calls in the accustomed way, but it now takes your mobile device as well. All your familiar switchboard features are transferred: speed dial numbers, options menu, call forwarding, hunt groups, voicemail, integrations etc.

Seamless integration of all your devices

You call or receive calls on the device you want. It’s always seamlessly integrated with all your other devices in any case: fixed, mobile, softphones or DECT phones. The fixed-mobile integration applies to your entire telephony network: so you don’t need to install any extra app or extra wifi.

Cleverly automated

Hello automation! Via MyDestiny, you can easily order a fixed-mobile integration service for every new user. You can also change or remove users’ bundles.

FMC customised for your company

Fixed-Mobile Convergence in your company? Let's do it!

Let Dstny help you to combine fixed and mobile services. Then we integrate our internet and telephony services on your switchboard. 

First step: a free audit! 

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Brochure SmartFit FMC EN

And discover FMC in our SmartFit-solution.
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