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Totally customised to your organisation

Integra in your company?

Does your company face multiple digital challenges? Are you in contact with different parties who all offer part of the solution, but you can't see the wood for the trees any more? Are you an innovative organisation with a complex structure?

In that case, we have the solution. INTEGRA. We listen to your story and integrate the right secure cloud telecom services, totally customised for your company.

That’s how we prepare you for the digital challenges of tomorrow... as it should be!

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The benefits to your organisation

Future-proof your company with a complete and integrated secure cloud telecom solution.


Customised solution

Every innovative company has its own specific needs. We work together to identify and decide on the solution that suits your company best – now and in the future.

Proactive & flexible partner

Cool business relations with our customers? Not our style. We’re the proactive partner that knows all the ins and outs of your business. If your organisation changes, we change with it... as it should be.

Available at all times

At Dstny, everyone is there for you, 24/7. After all, constant availability is a must for your company, your employees... and your customers.

Six building-blocks for your perfect, secure solution

Discover our secure cloud telecom services

We’ll scrutinise your basic telecom requirements (internet, telephony, network) and look for the pain points and needs. Then we’ll analyse how your organisation could work faster and at less cost with our cloud services (Cloud Communication, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Security). That way, your IT and telecom applications can merge seamlessly. Your company then benefits from a single, integrated, secure cloud telecom it should be!

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These customers are all super-happy with their INTEGRA solution!

Find out how we form a true partnership with our customers... as it should be!

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