The Clear View from...Daan De Wever: "organic growth is too slow in our market, hence our deliberate 'buy and build' strategy. It's eat or be eaten."

Dstny Strategy
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Daan De Wever

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The series "The clear view of Flemish Brabant and Brussels top entrepreneurs" is back. After a first series in the spring of last year, new inspiring testimonies are ready. Episode 3: Daan De Wever (CEO Dstny). 

1.In economically difficult conditions, Dstny is achieving nice growth. Where do you want to take the company, and how long is that road?

"Our aspiration with Dstny today is very clear. We want to become a leading provider and challenger of secure cloud communications solutions for SMEs in Europe.  In doing so, we want to be the reference cloud telecom provider in every country where we operate. Today we are already active in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Other countries will certainly follow in due course, and who knows, one day, another continent. At Dstny, we develop part of our technology ourselves, which is our strength. At the same time, we are committed to an essential layer of security around our services, to be able to offer our cloud solutions in a safe way. Another important component is that we offer our own platform, with our own technology, with which we can help companies connect with their customers and employees in an ideal way, via various channels. That's what we want to continue to work on.

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