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Destiny Daan en Samuel

Destiny, the Belgian cloud telecom operator, won the title of ‘Most Promising Company of the Year’ in the Flemish Government’s prestigious annual contest. In recent years, the winners of this award have grown on average four times faster than the average GDP.

Destiny earned the title of ‘Most Promising Company of the Year’ at the award ceremony organised by EY in collaboration with business newspaper De Tijd and BNP Paribas Fortis. At the same ceremony, DEME was crowned ‘Company of the Year 2015’.

Destiny was presented with this award by Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister for Work, Economy and Innovation. Geert Noels, chairman of the jury, explained the jury’s decision: “In a highly competitive sector, Destiny is managing to find a niche that is allowing it to grow and meet the real needs of companies. The jury was impressed by the enthusiasm for business demonstrated by the two brothers. Furthermore, they are managing to grow with positive cash flows and to maintain their focus. For a young company, Destiny is able to present remarkably strong references from international and high-quality companies. We therefore hope that, as the winner of this award, they can inspire and encourage others with their story.”

Stefan Olivier from EY underlines the value of this award: “If we take a good look at the winners of the recent editions of ‘Promising Company of the Year’, we can see a clear trend, namely that, after winning the award, the winners have experienced much faster growth than the average Belgian company . The winners have enjoyed growth at a blistering pace averaging 16% annually, nearly four times the average growth of Belgium’s gross domestic product since 2004. Receiving the Award from the Flemish Government for the 'Promising Company of the Year’ is therefore great acknowledgement of all the work that has been done so far, but also an incentive to continue on the chosen path.”

Daan De Wever, Managing Director of Destiny, is especially proud of this award: “This award is confirmation that our strong growth since being founded in 2008 is no coincidence, and that our work methods are earning us the trust of more and more customers. We also thank our employees, customers and partners who are once again receiving confirmation that they have placed their trust in a healthy and growing company and that they are helping to create a success story.”

For more info on the awards: www.ondernemingvanhetjaar.be

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